Wednesday, July 9, 2014

No Spangles

I'm better today.  But still a bit twingey.  I walked and I think that it helps to keep moving.  I only got a paltry 2500 steps in yesterday.  One mile.
I worked on my fish for Hampton Court.  I was on a roll.  I got the felt shapes stitched down.  I put on the tail.  I put pearl purl around the edge.  I sewed on his eye.

But then I hit a wall.  I couldn't find the spangles.  Were they ever in the kit?  I don't remember seeing them.  They should have been in the bag labeled "Fish and Pond".  I've went through all the stuff for the kit about six times.  No spangles.  The fish is coated with spangles to look like his scales.  I went looking for the spangles I bought from Thistle Threads.  When I finally found them they were all gold and only about 6 of them were small ones.

 I need gold and silver ones.  Little ones.  No spangles, what do I do?  They probably aren't carried by my LNS as it is mostly a yarn store.  I'll have to order some.  I got the metal thread I needed from Hedgehog Handiworks so maybe they have spangles.  Of course they do, and, yes, they have silver and gilt.  So I ordered some.  This means I can't finish my fish.  I guess I could start on the next part while I wait.

Then I worked a bit on the Toy Box Front.

 I thought maybe I could finish one of the toys, the scissors fob pencil box.  I got it all stitched and cut it out only to realize that I forgot to put the pearl cotton backstitching around the edge.

When I get that done I can start putting it together.  Goal for today:  finish the scissors fob.

It is a lovely day here with low humidity.  I'm appreciating things today.  Things like electricity,  no rain, being able to walk.  I'm remembering that I am lucky.


  1. WOW, Amy! You are making a lot of progress on these projects and both your Toy Box and Hampton Court pieces are amazing! It is so much fun to see your accomplishments every day. Thanks for letting some of us too-busy ladies "stitch vicariously through you" -BFF

  2. Your stitching is lovely--hope the walking helped

  3. HC is looking great.
    Toy Box is coming along nicely too.

  4. Love the fish and the colored pencil box.