Sunday, July 27, 2014

Ladies Prim

Good mail yesterday.  I got the latest kit from the Ladies Prim Society through Dyeing to Stitch.

I love getting a kit with all the parts in it.

I don't recognize the brand of floss in the kit, Classic Colorworks.  I wonder who makes it.  I am thinking of changing one of the colors.  The border color is a gray stone-like color.  I have no idea what to change it to, so I'm going to look through my overdyed threads.
I haven't even touched the kit that came before this one.  I like this new kit and want to make it.  I'm kind of picky so that's saying a lot.

I finished number three wing and I've started number four on the Summer Casket Keepsakes.

I'd like to concentrate on getting this done.  I read through the directions and I can do this but I have to slog through these eight wings first.

Then I am also working on the pin cushion Primer for the Toy Box.  If I concentrated on this today, I could get it done

It's very steamy outside today.  I am grateful for air conditioning.


  1. Classic Colorworks used to be Crescent Colors. Crescent Colors was recently sold to Ronny Williams who is Diane Williams (Little House Needleworks) son. I believe that all the color names stayed the same they just changed the name of the company.

  2. The kit looks like a nice design.
    Great progress.
    It's hot and steamy here today also.

  3. I heard the same thing as Kris. Crescent Colors is now Classic Colorworks. Colors the same but different company name and owner. I was just in a store last week looking for Crescent Colors and saw the new Classic Colors name and asked the shop employee.

  4. well I've never seen these Ladies Prim Society kits before.... I have to go check them out! :-)

  5. I think a dusty teal green or dark mossy green would be a good substitute for the gray. We all love to see your beautiful stitching and great progress!