Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Not Much

How much stitching did I get done yesterday?  Not much to speak of.  My kitchen floor got washed.  The food turned out fine for having friends over.  Although I burned my hand (my stitching hand!) on the steam from the chicken.  It feels pretty good today as I kept applying aloe to it.  So the house is pretty clean and I can concentrate on stitching today.

The most I got done was on Mr. Snowman.  I am really close to finishing page 2 of the chart.  All the fruit is in the basket but most of it needs backstitching around it.

I am working on the border of the second pocket of the Stitching Chair Necessaire.  Not much to show but a green line.

I put some stitches in the Second Bookmark but you can hardly tell that I did anything.

Then on Mute But Not Silent I am working on the second "H" for Hoytesma.
So off to work! (Stitching work, not work work)

1 comment:

  1. The snowman looks great, Amy.
    I wish that I could do stitching-work and not work-work today... sigh! LOL