Monday, May 21, 2012

Fun Day

I just love taking stitching classes.  This was an inexpensive one as I didn't have to fly or stay in a hotel.  I got up at 6 a.m. and drove across the state.  I left in plenty of time just in case I got lost.  6 a.m. on Sunday morning is the absolute best time to drive.  No traffic and road construction isn't going on.  I only wish I had taken my sunglasses with me.  I got to Spicer House 45 minutes before class started.

 I feel sorry for the park people that work there.  They seem starved for conversation and interaction with people.  There were 13 people in class.  Luckily the guild had bagels and coffee to snack on.  Since I hadn't had breakfast, it tasted especially good.

Amy Mitten is amazing!  How does she do all the stuff she does?  We saw some fabulous samplers.  The "Final Soliloquy" sampler was unbelievable.  I've seen the projects on her website, but seeing them in person lets one appreciate how beautiful they are.  And I don't even like samplers!  So why did I take this class?  I wanted to meet her and the sampler had a windmill on it.

 The class had three parts to it.  First Mary (a class member) read the beginning of the story.   The story involves a sea captain from Friesland.  This made the stitching way more interesting.  Everything on the sampler relates to the story.  Then Amy gave a powerpoint presentation about this area of the Netherlands and embroidery of that time.  It was very interesting and I wanted to know more.   Then we had some time to get started stitching.

I had asked Amy to bring her Mystery Mansion etui so I could see it in person.  It is so interesting.  Amy has a background as an architect and I could see how this helps in designing a project.  Hopefully this will become an online class.

Then Mary read the second part of the story and more motifs were revealed.  Amy went around and made sure everybody knew how to do some of the stitches.  We are a pretty experienced group so no problem.  I saw a technique of over/under weaving of a thread that gives a wonderful effect.
Then we had lunch from Panera.  It was great and a chance to chat about anything and everything.
Then we went back into the classroom area and Mary read the third part of the story.  Amy went around and showed how she hem stitches.  I know how to hemstitch but I have always done it from the right side.  Amy does it from the underside/wrong side.  So I learned something.  I also learned how to make the folding up the hem before the stitching in a better way than just folding.  I really like how she lined the sampler with "hanky" linen.  I'll have to look for some.  Some people who came from southern Indiana left early.

 Deb brought in her collection of tape measures and sewing treasures. Wow, it was fabulous to see all the stuff she has amassed.    I ended up leaving before three o'clock.  I got home in time for dinner.  It was a long day but I had a great time.  I sat beside another Deb and she had the most darling scissors fob.  I'll have to go ebay surfing to see if I can find the pattern as I think it is out of print.  Hillside Samplings Stitching Chair Nessesaire.
What a great day!

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