Thursday, October 26, 2017

More Stuff

I got more stuff on United Nations Day.  DH surprised me with some flowers.  How lucky am I?

I got a Frostings box through Thistle Threads.  It is filled with special limited edition threads.  This is Janet's fault!  When I was in Indy, I saw what she had done with her box of threads.  It was amazing.  So I ordered one. 
I love the box.
This is what was inside:
 I love this blue nubby thread.

I really have to work on my caskets.  I have so much stuff and I have ideas too.  I have stitching that is started.  I have the papers to line the interior.  Yes, I'm feeling guilty for not doing more. 

I wore my winter coat this morning when I went walking.  It was 30 degrees.  It may snow tonight.  I'm not ready for this!  Come back Indian Summer, I miss you.

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  1. Beautiful flowers.
    That box of floss looks like a keeper.