Monday, October 23, 2017

Miscellaneous Monday

First of all, it is raining.  I decided to go to the Y to walk but I couldn't find my Silver Sneakers or whatever it is called card.  I ended up just going without it.  The guy working the front desk looked me up on the computer so I was okay.  He said he would make me a new card if I wanted.  I think I can find my old card if I look long enough.

As I was looking for some thread on the floor yesterday, I came across these.

 I didn't know I bought two of them!  What an idiot!  One is from House of Stitches and one is from Inspired Needle.  That reminds me that I need to get back to working on Lesson #1.  I started it a while back but the over one makes progress very slow.

The bathrooms are clean.

Marly suggested that I make Flosstube videos.  I have thought about it but I'm not very tech savvy. I am also a bit shy for doing videos.  I like to watch FlossTube and I even have a Jimmy FlossTube t-shirt.  On Jimmy's latest video he shows a project bag made from one of his t-shirts.  I like that idea. 

I went up to the small Farmer's Market at the library yesterday.  I didn't really need anything but just wanted to see if the Bakery place was there (it wasn't) or if I could get some Salmon pate (they weren't there either).  I got some brussel sprouts on a big long stem.  We had some last night and they were good but what do I do with the leftover part? 

I tried to cut it off but I couldn't.  This morning DH got irritated with it being in the way and got a hand saw and cut off the stem so it could fit it in the refrigerator.

DH has been dragging stuff out of the crawl space to clean it out.  Most of the stuff I can just pitch.  One of the thing he dragged out the other day was a Strawberry Clock cross stitch kit from 1981.  Why couldn't I throw this away?  Maybe tomorrow.


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  1. I think we all do that sometimes, buy something we already have. lol
    I would cut off the sprouts and throw the stem away.