Sunday, October 29, 2017

Eight Pages

I have eight pages done on the Mystery project.  I'm a little over half way finished.  All the confetti stitches just about did me in.  Two rows complete!

 I put in some more basting threads to help me not get lost.

 I looked at how many more pages I have left: nine through seventeen.  Several of those pages are only half pages though.  Can I get this done in 2017?  Maybe.

I went walking in the rain today.  At least the walking is done and I have nearly dried out.  I sent off the completed Shepherd's Bush afghan to the new baby (who was born early and not on my birthday).  I'm so glad to have it all completed.  (thank you, Chris) 

DH bought some more Halloween candy.  He made the mistake of opening the bite-size Butterfingers and Baby Ruths.  I love them.  It is so tempting to just grab one every time I pass the dining room table.  Last year we had fewer than 30 trick-or-treaters but the weather was awful.  We'll see what this year holds.


  1. This is so intense.
    It looks great though.
    I'll take a Baby Ruth, please. :)

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