Thursday, June 26, 2014


Betsy Morgan inspired me to work on Hampton Court because she is stitching it too.  And she is ahead of me.  So I decided what size of smooth gold purl to use in place of the thread I messed up.  Then I had to figure out how long to make the pieces of metal thread.  My pattern is a bit faint and I couldn't even see where to put them or how long they are supposed to be.  So rather than quit, I made up how long they are and I figured out where to put them.  Then I spent half an hour looking for the silver thread.  ARGH.  That's what I get for being a slob.  Anyway, I found the silver thread and worked on this most of the day so that the castle is almost finished.

 I am going to glue (I shudder at gluing embroidery) on the piece of wood for the door.  A bit of metal thread outlines the door and that's it.  The castle is done.  On to more fun things.  Like the pond.  I figured out a good way to cut the metal thread to a consistent size.  I used tape with measuring marks on it and taped it to the metal thread.  Then I was able to cut 30 pieces the same size.

I finished the scissors fob from Shepherd's Fold.  I wasn't up to messing with the design on the back so I just stitched it as is.  I'm happy to have it done and ribboned and beaded.  The fabric it was supposed to be stitched on is in the background.

I picked up the half doll pin cushion and put a few stitches in.  I'm not sure I am using a large enough piece of linen so I want to work my way to the top.  I think it will be just big enough.

I have to get ready for my trip.  I'm going to Madison Wisconsin tomorrow for the Toy Box class with Betsy Morgan.  My BFF will be there along with about 5 other people I know.  It will be a fun weekend.  I have to pack and all that.


  1. I am totally in awe of the amount of stitching you achieve each day! Enjoy the Toy box class.

  2. Your castle is stunning!! WOW your needlework is beautiful. Congrats on finishing scissors fob - Love it! Have a great time at your class and Happy trails:) Hope you have enough fabric for the doll skirt too:) It's looking so pretty.
    love Annette

  3. Great progress and a cute finish.
    I was just at Lynn's last Saturday.
    I think you will like that shop.
    It's an Art store, but the corner is packed with fabric and cross-stitch. :)
    Have fun at the class.

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