Sunday, July 28, 2013

Working on Hard Stuff and a Mummy

I worked on hard stuff yesterday.  I wanted to get just a solid corner of the shell done on Mermaid's Treasures.  I was looking for an organized way to stitch it so I wouldn't get lost.  One way is the start with the darkest color and build around it.  Another way is to start in a corner and build onto that.  So I picked a corner and built around it.  It went pretty well but stitching over one, even on 32 count, is slow-going.  I still have some stitches to do on this little wedge.

I know that when I get done, this shell will be remarkable and I will be proud of myself for doing it.  So maybe I'll try to get a bit done every day so it isn't so overwhelming.  I may have to put in some guidelines to keep from getting lost.  We'll see.

I thought I would start the snail.  It looked easy and fun.  Wrong about the easy part.  The back part of the snail is all over one.  Once I get all the way around on the edge, it will go faster.  Then the head is done with 2 different strands of floss, over two, in tent stitch.  I haven't tried that part yet.

I went walking this morning even though it was lightly raining.  I hit a new low (weight-wise) yesterday and I feel like I have lost one more chin.  So I am motivated.

I am working on the mummy pumpkin of the Cricket design.  I don't like the line of the moon, I want more of a crescent.  So I made a copy of the chart and did some drawing on it to make the moon, well, more like a moon.  I'm close to what I was aiming for.

On Ellen Chester's site I saw an example of what I was thinking of doing.  I wanted to do Mrs. Waddelow's huswif in multiple colors on my Buttons a Bounty project (to avoid doing several hundred queen stitches).  I think it just may work.  I have another Ellen Chester pattern that I was thinking of using as well, Strawberries So Faire.  I'll have to see which one fits best.
I'd better get busy.


  1. This piece will be so worth all of your work when done. :)
    It's coming together nicely.
    Cute CEC also.

  2. I'm really enjoying following your progress on mermaid. Amazing! I also love the stump work designs you showed. Wow! We visited Hampton Court several years ago. I"d love to attempt that one but I don't know....! Maybe I'll have to watch your progress first and will be inspired to give it a try! Thanks for sharing your beautiful work, Nancy in NY

  3. I have Buttons a Bounty in my stash too. But haven't pulled it out because of the queen stitches. Anxious to see how your changes will work out!