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Friday, March 24, 2017


Oh the trials and tribulations of putting together Home Sweet Home!  I put together the lining for HSH a while back.  I knew that the tray just barely fit in the lining.  There are still many pieces of the tray yet to be covered with fabric and inserted.

 So if the outside embroidered panels were too small (and they were), I would just have to make them bigger.  So that is what I did.  I took all of the outside pieces and unlaced them.  I cut new boards just one-eighth on an inch bigger, measured them next to the lining to make sure they fit and then re-laced them on the slightly larger board. I drew around the original board then added 1/8th inch to the top and side.
Taking the bottom off of the original board gave me the opportunity to sew on some button feet.  I forgot the buttons first time around.

 It was kind of a trick to lace the embroidered panels together.  I tried a curved needle.  That needle was too hard to use.  So I got out my trusty pliers to help me.  Now the outside is all sewn together.  I'm impressed, it looks good!

I can slip the lining in, no problem.

Now comes the fiddly stuff.  I made some cording to go around the roof panels.

 The pattern called for Armeniam knot stitch.  Nope.  I'm not doing that.  I could mess that up royally.  So I took all the roof thread I had left, cut it in two and made twisted cording.  I think it will work.  I have to sew it on.
I'm taking it slowly, a little bit at a time to put this all together.  The next major part is to sew the lining to the outside embroidered panels all around the top.
This side is my favorite.
I made myself sew all the embroidered panels together before I started the Wren.  Is that discipline or what?

Thursday, March 23, 2017

It's Here

The Wren kit arrived in the mail yesterday.  I was ready to hug my mailman!  It came beautifully packaged in a box, that is, a box in a box.  This is the photo on the front of the box.
 Oh joy!  Now I can make it.  The timing is perfect as I just finish stitching Home Sweet Home.

 There are so many little items packaged carefully and labeled.
 I was so fnscinated to see this bird form because it was made with a 3D printer.  The beak is a thread cutter.  How perfect!

 Aren't these the most beautifully perfect bird feet?

These are the instructions, a whole pamphlet.  The kit for the Mossy Hillock is here too.
I didn't start yet.  I made myself work on putting together Home Sweet Home.  I tell you all about that tomorrow.
I just love love love my Wren kit.

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Home Sweet Home

I finished stitching Home Sweet Home.

 The house, that is, there are still some smalls to stitch but this is the main etui.

I need two bee hive charms to finish this off.  I looked up a place that sells them.  Then I looked up to see if I could find them on Ebay.  Yes, I found a place.  So I bought them.  They won't be here until Monday but I'm sure I can sew them on even if the house is already put together.

Now comes the task of putting it together.  I bought the pre-cut boards from Australia so it would be easy to put together.  But I don't think it is going to fit.  I am going to have to cut a few new boards for the outside panels.  But I have to sit down and mess with it a bit.  I think it is about 1/8 to 1/4 of an inch too short on each side.

The Wren didn't come yesterday.  Maybe today.  I had to walk at the Y because it was too cold outside, 17 degrees.  Paula asked me about walking.  I started going to the Y several years ago when I stopped working.  I took exercise classes every day and Pilate's on Saturday.  My Pilate's teacher talked about FitBit but I had never heard of it before.  So I looked it up and bought one.  It took me at least a month to be able to get to 10,000 steps in a day.  Without walking, I only get about 2400 steps in.  I ended up not going to exercise class any more and just walking instead.  Fortunately, I live very near a park so I have a place to walk.  I worked out a path that gets me to 10,000 steps.  At the same time DH began grilling fish about 4 days a week.  So I changed eating habits as well as exercise habits.  I lost a little over 30 pounds.  I still have more to lose but I am in much better shape now.  I fight my sweet tooth every day, but don't we all.

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

It Could Happen

I could finish up the embroidery on Home Sweet Home today.  I am sooo close.  I just have some grass and a couple of french knots to do.
This is the bee that I did yesterday.

Yes!  Then I can put this baby together.  I still need another bee hive charm.  I can order it from Susan Clarke Originals or I can drive up to Stitching Bits and Bobs and see if they have one.  Would JoAnn's have one?  Maybe.

I got good mail yesterday.  My order from Silver Needle came.  I got the new Cross-Eyed Cricket Vintage Eggs.  Just in time for Easter stitching.

I also got that cute bunny pattern from La D Da.

I resisted getting it until I saw that it is small and therefore cute.

Yes, I'm tempted to start something.  But today is the first day that I think I might get the Wren.  It has been 8 days since it was sent from the UK.  It could come today.  So I must finish up Home Sweet Home and lace it on it's board.  I am absolutely starting the Wren when it comes.

Monday, March 20, 2017

Basket of Beads

My goal yesterday was to get the basket of oranges (beads!) done on Home Sweet Home.  Success!  I did it.

I need to remind myself that once I get this side done, I am done with the embroidery and I can concentrate on putting this together.

I worked a little on the By the Sea mermaid.  I found some nifty thread to do her tail in, Bijoux. It is multi colored and sparkly.   I'd sort of like it to cover better, but it is okay.

 Then I noticed that the model is done on polka-dot linen.  I have some polka-dot linen.  Should I start over??

 The mermaid's skin isn't showing up very well.  It would show up better on the polka-dot.  Of course I could redo the skin in a darker color.  I have to think about this.

There is a mistake in the chart.  She is holding a starfish in one hand but all the skin and the starfish are charted for the same pumpkin patch color.  That can't be correct.
It was lovely walking outside this morning, the first day of spring!  The bathrooms are clean.  I'm ready to get to work.

Sunday, March 19, 2017

A Little Mermaid

I worked hard to get the tree done on Home Sweet Home.

There are still little brown stitches that go on the bottom of each orange.  But I needed a break.  I'm trying not to get burned out doing stuff I don't really like.   So I picked up something new:  By the Sea's strawberry.

I really enjoyed finally doing some cross stitch.

I tried the combination of aloe, argan oil and my regular creme rinse on my hair last night.  I'm happy to report that my hair feels softer and looks a bit shinier.  I think it works!
It was so nice to walk outside today.  It was dark when I started.  Thank you daylight saving time.
The goal for today is to get the basket of oranges done on Home Sweet Home.  But that mermaid is calling my name.

Saturday, March 18, 2017

Executive Decision

I was very happy to walk outside today.  It was a nice 37 degrees.  I have met several very nice people that are regular walkers.  Yesterday Marta gave me a present.  I have admired Marta's hair.  She has such shiny curly nice looking hair.  My hair is awful.  It is very fine, straight, limp and thin.  Marta told me her secret, she makes her own conditioning rinse from aloe and avocado oil.  She brought me a huge aloe leaf and told me how to get the aloe gel out.  So I did.  I put it in a ziploc sandwich bag and I'm going to try it tonight when I wash my hair.

I have been concentrating on stitching the last side of Home Sweet Home.  I haven't been happy with the oranges on the tree.  So I made the executive decision to use another technique.  No more long armed cross, it just doesn't look even, good or right.  I decided to try split stitch around the edge and satin stitch over it.  Most of these oranges have been worked several times.
There are about three more oranges to go and about 12 more leaves.  That is my goal today, to totally finish the tree.
A couple of people wanted to know what I am going to put in my cabinet.  I am going to have a piece of glass cut for the shelf.  These are the most dollhouse-like things I have.

 I have some dolls that I could put in but I don't think I'm going to.  A no-reply commenter wanted to know where I got my cabinet.  I googled it and found one for sale in New York City from a company called "Chairish" where people can sell home furnishings they no longer want.
Happy Saturday!

Friday, March 17, 2017


I finished Mend.  It is totally put together and done!

I interfaced the pieces except the top.  Then I cut a ton of squares of warm and natural to fill up the inside.

I still need some small pins to stick in one side.  Regular size pins are too big.

I like how it turned out.
Now I can concentrate of Home Sweet Home.  The tree and it's branches are embroidered.  Now I'm working on the oranges and the leaves.

 I don't really have the hang of the oranges yet.  Some look a little wonky.  I'll keep working away.
It is snowing like crazy outside.

 Ugh.  I sure hope it melts later on today.  I was hoping I could walk outside this weekend.
At least I am warm and cozy inside.

Thursday, March 16, 2017

More Good News

I got notification that Jenny Adin-Christie as sent my Wren Kit!

 That is the one thing I want to make this year.  I'm hoping to get it in a week or so.  Yeah!  But you know what that means, I have to get busy and finish up Home Sweet Home.  Now I am more motivated to get it done - so I can start the wren.  I started the orange tree yesterday.

I want to finish the tree part and try an orange (done with long armed cross stitch) and get the leaves going today.

  I have been distracted though.  There is a live stream of a giraffe giving birth on YouTube.  The internet is an amazing place.

I am finishing up Mend. I decided to put real buttons on the top instead of stitching button shapes.

Still too cold to walk outside.  I made cinnamon rolls yesterday.  Yum.

 Don't they look delicious?  Trust me, they are.

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

The Cabinet

I got my cabinet!!  I love it!  In spite of bad weather, the moving company made it to my house from Chicago.  Here is my cabinet.
It is really a liquor cabinet.  But I don't drink much.  Beer, wine and alcohol is not sweet enough for me.  My friend Torrie turned her cabinet into a real doll house.  She also put a mirror in the back of the cabinet.  Right now nothing is in my cabinet.  There is a place to put a glass shelf.  Several of the windows are missing the little dividing wood.

 The lady I bought this from included the missing parts so I could repair the windows.  When I opened up the doors, I realized that the strong magnets holding the doors closed make the doors twist and rattle when you open them and I can see why some of the window wood has come off.

I wondered if something was missing from where these circle shapes are.  But after looking at other cabinets, I don't think so.

I have to say that I just love this.
Most people would put this in their living room but I wanted to see it all the time.  And I spend almost all my time in my sewing room.
I can't believe I actually got one of these cabinets.

More good news tomorrow.

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Good Mail

It is still very cold today.  There has been no walking.  I'm taking the day off as my car is still in the shop.  I am very excited since my cabinet is to be delivered today!  But it is coming from Chicago and there is a big snow storm in Chicago.  I've got my fingers crossed that the delivery company can get here.  Hopefully, I'll have pictures of it tomorrow.

I got a package from The Silver Needle yesterday.  I thought it would be the Just Nan stuff.  But it was the Nashville Market stuff that I asked them to get for me.  One was the Erica Michael's By the Sea.

I have a thing for mermaids and really liked this.  I can't find where it says the gauge of the gauze used for the necklace.  I guess that it would be 40.  I can handle that.

The second thing I got was The Purple Thread's Nora's Garden.

 I like the pink and green colorway.  I couldn't help myself, I had to start it.

 I may change some of the colors.  The leaves look too pale compared to the front photo.  The overdyed linen isn't too bad, just a little floppy.  I love that all the materials for finishing are included.
Have a good day.